FRequently asked questions

What is OPEN GYM?
OPEN GYM is a personal fitness concierge that provides our monthly members access to boutique fitness classes at studios in Fishers, Carmel, Meridian Kessler, Broad Ripple, Southport, and Indianapolis. Varied classes allow OPEN GYM members to diversify workout experiences through crossfit, cycling, barre, boxing, pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance to name a few.

For $79 a month, OPEN GYM members receive unlimited classes to studios in the OPEN GYM Community. Members can take unlimited classes each month but can visit the same studio no more than 4 times per calendar month.

How long is an OPEN GYM membership cycle?
An OPEN GYM cycle is one calendar month in length and automatically renews each month. You may cancel 3 days prior to your renewal date.

What day of the month am I billed?

Billing is the same calendar day you signed up each month. For example, if you buy your OPEN GYM membership on June 11th, your membership will renew and be billed on July 11th. OPEN GYM does not require an annual/long term commitment.

When does my OPEN GYM membership start?
Let's go! OPEN GYM membership starts the moment you become a member! You have access to our concierge scheduling and classes instantly.

How many classes do I get with an OPEN GYM membership?
We love this question because it means you are PUMPED UP! You may take as many classes as your heart desires! You can visit any studio in the OPEN GYM Community up to 4 times per membership cycle.

If a studio has multiple locations, can I take 4 classes per membership cycle at each location?
If a studio or brand has more than 1 location, city or nation wide, members can go up to 4 times total across all studios. This is the commitment that we have with our OPEN GYM Community Studios. If you LOVE a studio or specific class and wish to attend more sessions you can book directly with them. Love is a beautiful thing...

How do I book a class?
Sign in, select a class, and reserve then you are all set! Just bring a photo ID and sign in at the front desk writing (OG) next to your name
You are able to book classes up to one month in advance. This is a special feature for you super planners.

Just booked my first class...where do I Sign In?

Make sure to Sign In when you arrive 15 minutes before class at the studio or gym.

Can I make a last minute reservation?
Oh YES YOU CAN! Reservations for classes are open until 1 hour prior to the class start.

May I reserve classes beyond my current cycle?
Absolutely, feel free to book classes beyond your current monthly cycle keeping in mind they will count towards your allotment for that month.

Please note, if your membership is cancelled prior to the date of a class you have reserved, that reservation will be cancelled.

Can I book a class for my friend with OPEN GYM?
Let's face it, there is only one you. OPEN GYM is your individual membership that comes with the perks of having access to the finest fitness studios in Indiana. When you book a class, it is non-transferable, but since working out with friends is more fun encourage them to become a member! DM with your friend's name and email for a complimentary class.

When your friend becomes a member and names you as the referral, you will get a little something special from your OPEN GYM do rock, you know!

What is the class NO-SHOW policy?
If you're not going to make it to a class, please make sure you cancel the class via your OPEN GYM Account page.

There is nothing and we mean nothing worse than getting stood up. Whether it is a first date, a business meeting, or being forgotten to be picked up at feels terrible. It is important to cancel so that our studios have enough time to fill your spot.

What if a class I have booked is suddenly cancelled last second?
On the unlikely event that this occurs, you will receive an extra class to that studio good for use in your current cycle.

How do I know if a class is right for me?
You're not going to know until you try. Fitness should be fun so step out of your comfort zone knowing you're capable of any and everything! Naturally, consult your doctor to make sure you're healthy enough to participate in physical activities.

Oh snap! The class I want to take is sold out... (sigh) what should I do?

We do have many classes to choose from but when this happens, check out similar classes on the calendar. You can choose to join the Wait List. Also, if you have a strong connection, like an intense bond with the class, consider purchasing more sessions from the studio.

Are all of the classes that a studio has to offer available to book through OPEN GYM?

No. The classes at our OPEN GYM Community Studios are selected and offered by the studio. Classes and studios are continually added and updated.

Got a map have of all the studios?

You know it! Click HERE. Indiana has so much to offer as do the independently owned studios we support.

Moving? Questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist you!

Can I freeze my OPEN GYM Membership?
Oui, Sí, and Yes! Freezing makes sense if you're going on an extended vacation or recovering from a health issue. You can freeze for up to 3 months. Request a hold by emailing Please request a hold at least 3 days prior to your next billing date. There is no fee when you return to the regular membership.

What is the cancellation policy for OPEN GYM?

Saaaaaaayyyyyyy Whaaaaaaattt!! Don't leave! Please do let us know what we can do to best support your fitness journey. But if you must cancel, you may cancel your membership by emailing You must request to cancel your membership 3 days before the start of your next billing cycle in order to avoid auto-renewal for next month.

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